Jamstack Overview Video

Play In Seconds

Play exactly when you're inspired. The Jamstack can get going with effects, in seconds.

Any effect imaginable

Any amp, any pedal, right at your finger tips. Record, loop, tune and more.

Play Along To Music

Open up your favorite music app and jam along in the background. Tweak the settings to feel like you're right in the song.

Play Anywhere

Now you're just as portable as an acoustic, which means you can enjoy the gift of music in more places, more often. Whether in your kitchen, at the park, or at the camp fire.

Ultra Premium Bluetooth Speaker

Just want to listen to music? Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, Jamstack was built with high end audio performance components which makes it a shocklingly good Bluetooth speaker.


Setup in seconds

Nothing is faster to set up, and nothing close to as portable.


Any effect imaginable

Play your electric guitar with effects from your smartphone.


Play along to music

Infinite tools, loops, play-along tracks & more at your fingertips.

The amp of the future
What if you could play electric guitar anywhere?

Imagine an ultra-portable amplifier that sounded better than your current practice amp - with any controls and effects right at your fingertips....

Get over US$1000 in products in one complete system

  • Multi Effects

    Jamstack puts unlimited effects, tones and easy to use presets at your fingertips.

  • Amplifier

    Impressive sound quality that sounds impeccable when loud or quiet.

  • Loop Pedal

    Needs only your phone - no additional cables running out to separate knobs or interfaces.

  • Drum Machine

    Become a one-man band with instant access to unlimited instruments.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

    With 8 Hours of Battery Life

  • Tuner

    Quick tuning features at your fingertips

  • Tabs

    Quick tuning features at your fingertips

  • Backing Tracks

    Play along to any music from your smartphone, all out of the same speaker.

Works seamlessly with your favorite apps

The Jamstack is fully compatible with dozens of incredible apps.

Compatible iOS apps include...

With a robust suite of apps, you can do everything from onetouch button presets to complicated pedal arrangements.

Compatible with Android

Deplike offers hundreds of user generated presets, effects, loops, tuning and more.

The Jamstack was designed in consultation with some of the world's premier audio engineers. We've used the most premium components at every step in the signal chain to make sure the sound profile is extremely crisp and accurate. Sounds great loud AND quiet.

- Powerful full-range 10W dual speaker system.
- Shockingly lightweight 650g (1.4lbs) and ultra durable.
- 8 hours of battery life, fast charging.