Javy's International Ltd.

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Javy's International Ltd. is registered company specialising in the import-export and distribution of various product lines e.g. Watches, Clocks, Electronic Calculators, Electronic Cash Registers, Electronic Musical Instruments, Digital Cameras, Electronic products, Label printers, Bone-conduction underwater walkie-talkies, Glassware etc …

We have been a CASIO distributor in Hong Kong and Macau for over 40+ years with our own service facilities for after sales.

Javys is also are HARIO agent in Hong Kong and Macau. we introduced HARIO to Hong Kong & Macau in 1982 (over 40years), we stock the full range of HARIO glassware products for Coffee, Tea, Drink, Cook etc…

We developed our own brand TIGGU (www.tiggu.com) to introduce a diversified range of products which are epoch-making and unique.

We emphasise on full distribution with our own showrooms, qualified sales executives and fully trained technicians to serve our valued dealers and consumers to meet the challenges of an ever-developing world.