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Year 2010 News
[28/12/2010] Oceanus: Smart Access OCW-T1000 Series
[28/12/2010] G-Shock: Gravity Defier G-1250 Series
[28/12/2010] G-Shock: Gravity-extra GXW-56E Series
[28/12/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor PRG-240 Series
[21/12/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor PRG-500Y-1 Series
[21/12/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor PRG-110C Series
[20/12/2010] Edifice, Sheen: His-and-her pairs Series
[20/12/2010] Edifice: Carbon fiber look face Series
[20/12/2010] Edifice: Tachymeter, Thin Case EF-559 Series
[20/12/2010] Edifice: 5-year battery life Series
[18/12/2010] Standard Analog: His-and-her pairs MTP-1315 Series
[18/12/2010] Standard Analog: His-and-her pairs MTP-1314 Series
[18/12/2010] Standard Analog: Diver Look MTD-1071 Series
[18/12/2010] Standard Analog: Diver Look MTD-1070 Series
[20/11/2010] G-Shock: Gravity Defier GW-3500 Series
[20/11/2010] G-Shock: Men in Burning Red Series
[19/11/2010] G-Shock: Color Display Wave Ceptor Series
[19/11/2010] G-Shock: M-SPEC GW-7900BMS Series
[19/11/2010] Oceanus: Manta OCW-S1400PW Series
[17/11/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-562D Series
[17/11/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-336 Series
[17/11/2010] Edifice: Multi hand EF-337 Series
[16/11/2010] G-Shock: Frogman GF-8250 Series
[16/11/2010] G presents Lover's Collection 2010 Series
[16/11/2010] G-Shock: Color Display Series
[16/11/2010] G-Shock: M-PEC G-7900 Series
[16/11/2010] G-Shock: Leath & Cloth combination, G-001 Series
[15/11/2010] Baby-G: Precious Heart Selection Series
[15/11/2010] Baby-G: Star Index Series
[14/10/2010] G-Shock: Legendary DW-001 model design G-001
[14/10/2010] G-Shock: Color Dial G-500FD Series
[14/10/2010] G-Shock: Metallic Colors DW-6900SB Series
[14/10/2010] G-Shock: Gravity Defier GW-3000 Series
[13/10/2010] Baby-G: Composite Line BGA-120C Series
[13/10/2010] Baby-G: CASKET BGA-200PD Series
[13/10/2010] Baby-G: Winter Pastel BGD-106 Series
[13/10/2010] Baby-G: Metallic Colors BGD-121 Series
[12/10/2010] Edifice: Red Bul Racing Limited Edition EFE-504RBSP
[12/10/2010] Edifice: Multiband 6 EQW-M1100DC Series
[12/10/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-539 Series
[12/10/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-560 Series
[12/10/2010] Edifice: Sheen: EF-561D & SHN-5016D Series
[11/10/2010] Sheen: Cruise Line SHN-5508, SHN-5509 Series
[11/10/2010] Sheen: SHN-5014, SHN-5511, SHN-4020 Series
[11/10/2010] Sheen: SHN-3019D, SHN-3020D Series
[03/10/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor PRG-240T Series
[23/09/2010] preview icon G-Shock X Subcrew DW-6900SCR-3 new 
[22/09/2010] Watch: Japan's Model AW-582CC & GLS-5500CC  
[21/09/2010] G-Shock: Gravity-Large Wave Ceptor GXW-56 
[01/09/2010] EDIFICE: Multiband 6 EQW-M1100 
[15/09/2010] Standard Analog: LADIES' LTP-1311  
[15/09/2010] Standard Analog: LADIES' LTP-2083  
[15/09/2010] Standard Analog: LADIES' LTP-1313 
[15/09/2010] Standard Analog: LADIES' LTP-1312 
[14/09/2010] Standard Analog: His-and-hers pairs 1310 
[14/09/2010] Standard Analog: His-and-hers pairs 1308 
[14/09/2010] Standard Analog: KIDS - LTR-14B & LTR-15B  
[14/09/2010] Beside: Square face - BEM-120  
[14/09/2010] Beside: Elegant look of quality - BEM-119  
[14/09/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-558, EF-524, EF-521  
[13/09/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor PRG-500G & PRG-200G  
[13/09/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor PRG-240  
[13/09/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Extra Large GD-100  
[08/09/2010] G-SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2010 IN Hong Kong  
[02/09/2010] Calculator: World's first Localized number display  
[02/09/2010] Calculator: Heavy Duty JS-140TVS & JS-120TVS  
[01/09/2010] Watch: Japan's Model PRX-2000BT OCW-S1350PS   
[26/09/2010] G-SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2010 IN Hong Kong 2010-9-8 (SEP)  
[15/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Gravity-Extra GX-56 Series  
[15/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Hyper color GA-110C Series  
[15/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Mat Black Red eye Series  
[15/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Crazy Color Series (AUG)  
[15/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: G-LIDE Reflex Dial Series  
[15/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: C3 G-8100D Series (AUG)  
[14/08/2010] preview icon Baby-G: HELLZ Series  
[14/08/2010] preview icon G-Shock: RM carbon fiber GW-S5600B Series
[14/08/2010] G-Shock: Multiband 6 Classical Series (AUG)  
[13/08/2010] Edifice: 5-motor chronograph Series (AUG)  
[13/08/2010] Edifice: Limited Edition EF-550RBSP-1AV Series (AUG)  
[13/08/2010] Edifice: EF-555 Series (AUG)  
[13/08/2010] Edifice: EF-556 & EF-557 Series (AUG)  
[13/08/2010] Edifice: ACTIVE DIAL techincal design Series (AUG)  
[12/08/2010] Standard Digital: W-S200H Series (AUG)  
[12/08/2010] Standard Digital: Tide Graph, Moon phase Series (AUG)  
[12/08/2010] Standard Digital: Ladies' Series (AUG)  
[12/08/2010] Standard Analog: 3-dail, 3-hand analog Series (AUG)  
[15/07/2010] G-Shock: Tough Solar colorful hues Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Dee & Ricky collaboration-GA-110DR-1A Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] preview icon G-Shock, Baby-G: Green Collection Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Baby-G: Metallic Color BG-5600 Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Baby-G: Metallic Color BG-1006 Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Gulfman GW-9110 Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] preview icon G-Shock: RM Resist-Material GW-S5600-1 Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-334 Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Edifice: Ccool striped face design EF-335 Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Standard Analog: Hefty Bezel Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Standard Analog: Diver Look Series (JUL)  
[15/07/2010] Outgear: Sports Gear SGW-300 Series (JUL)  
[23/06/2010] preview icon Oceanus: Tough Movement OCW-P600 Series (JUN)  
[23/06/2010] preview icon Oceanus: Tough Movement OCW-P100TD Series (JUN)  
[18/06/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Gravity Defier G-1200 Series (JUN)  
[18/06/2010] preview icon G-Shock: G-LIDE GLX-6900 Series (JUN)  
[18/06/2010] preview icon G-Shock: G-LIDE GLX-5600SRF-3 Series (JUN)  
[18/06/2010] preview icon G-Shock: GIEZ GS-1300M-1A Series (JUN)  
[18/06/2010] Edifice: Solar powered - EFE-301SB Series (JUN)  
[18/06/2010] Edifice: Vivid color hands - EF-130D Series (JUN)  
[17/06/2010] Sheen: Cruise Line - SHN-5507D Series (JUN)  
[17/06/2010] preview icon Sheen: Gorgous designs - SHN-5012 Series (JUN)  
[17/06/2010] preview icon Sheen: Rhinestone hour marker SHN-3016 Series (JUN)  
[17/06/2010] Sheen: Shell face - SHN-3018D , SHN-3017D Series (JUN)  
[17/06/2010] Standard Analog: MV-600F & HDA-600B Series (JUN)  
[27/05/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Men in Earth Blue - Multiband 6 Series (MAY)  
[27/05/2010] preview icon G-Shock: IN4MATION Series (MAY)  
[27/05/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Master of G - FROGMAN Series (MAY)  
[26/05/2010] Baby-G: Color Display Series (MAY)  
[26/05/2010] Baby-G: Bangle-like Series (MAY)  
[25/05/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-110C) Colorful Series (MAY)  
[25/05/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-200A) Series (MAY)  
[25/05/2010] Edifice: EDIFICE GOLD LABEL Series (MAY)  
[25/05/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-552 Series (MAY)  
[25/05/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-553 Series (MAY)  
[25/05/2010] Standard Analog: DIVER LOOK Series (MAY)  
[29/04/2010] preview icon Oceanus: Tough Movement OCW-T410 Series (APR)  
[29/04/2010] preview icon Protrek: Tough Movement PRW-5000 Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-3000 Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Hyper Colors - GA-110 Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon G-Shock: G-SHOCK MAN BOX - GA-110F-2 Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon G-Shock: G-LIDE GLX-5500A & GLX-5600B Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon Baby-G: CASKET BGA-200 Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon Baby-G: Color Display BG-169R Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon Baby-G: REEF BG-120P Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon Baby-G: Summer Resort - BGA-114 Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] preview icon Baby-G: Heart Index Series (APR)  
[15/04/2010] Baby-G: Reef BG-3000A Series (APR)  
[14/04/2010] preview icon Edifice: Chronograph, Tachymeter - EF-550 Series (APR)  
[14/04/2010] Edifice Sheen: his-and-hers pairs EF-551D & SHN-3015 (APR)  
[14/04/2010] Sheen: Cruise Line - SHN-5506 (APR)  
[14/04/2010] Sheen: Classical cut glass - SHN-5010 & SHN-5011 (APR)  
[14/04/2010] Sheen: Mother of pearl face - SHN-3014 & SHN-4019 (APR)  
[14/04/2010] Standard Analog: METAL STANDARD - MTP-1304D (APR)  
[14/04/2010] preview icon Protrek: Triple Sensor, Analog-digital - PRG-500 (APR)  
[14/04/2010] Protrek: Triple Sensor, Multiband 6 - PRW-2000A-1 (APR)  
[17/03/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Men in Earth Blue Series (MAR)  
[17/03/2010] preview icon G-Shock: C-Cubed C3 G-8100C Series (MAR)  
[17/03/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Multiband 6 GW-2300F-4 (MAR)  
[17/03/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-521GF|EF-524GF Series (MAR)  
[17/03/2010] preview icon Edifice: Retrograde EF-550D (MAR)  
[17/03/2010] Edifice: Multiband 6, EQW-M1001, EQW-M710, ECW-300 Series (MAR)  
[17/03/2010] Standard Analog: Ladies' Metal & Strap Fashion Series (MAR)  
[11/02/2010] preview icon G-Shock: GA-100 Series (MTR ADV.) (FEB)  
[11/02/2010] preview icon G-Shock: Crazy Colors DW-6900CB Series (FEB)  
[11/02/2010] G-Shock: Standard Favoriate - G-2300F (FEB)  
[11/02/2010] G-Shock (Frogman - GW-200Z "ISO-200 meter") (FEB)  
[11/02/2010] Edifice: Chronograph EF-548D/549D Series (FEB)  
[11/02/2010] Outgear: Marine Gear AMW-710 Series (FEB)  
[10/02/2010] Poptone: Game Display LCF-21/LDF-51 Series (FEB)  
[10/02/2010] Standard Digital: AE-1000/2000 Series (FEB)  
[10/02/2010] Standard Analog: 3-dial, multi-hand Series (FEB)  
[10/02/2010] Standard Analog: His-and-hers pair models (FEB)  
[10/02/2010] Standard Analog: LADIES' METAL Series (FEB)  
[31/01/2010] preview icon G-Shock: GREEN COLLECTION Series (JAN)  
[21/01/2010]  G-Shock: Japan Domestic Models 2010 Series (JAN)  
[21/01/2010]  Edifice: Multiband 6 EQW-M1000L Series (JAN)  
[20/01/2010] preview icon Digital Camera Exilim - EX-G1 (JAN)  
[20/01/2010] preview icon Digital Camera Exilim - EX-H10 (JAN)  
[20/01/2010] preview icon Digital Camera Exilim - EX-Z90 (JAN)  
[20/01/2010] preview icon Digital Camera Exilim - EX-Z330 (JAN)