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BM-80 II
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Beamer™, the world's first Phone Video Station™ (PVS) enables consumers to instantly add video to their phone calls, using their existing phone and phone line.

  • Works with any home phone (corded or cordless).
  • Works with any standard (analog) phone line.
  • No special wiring or equipment
  • No service fees, contracts or subscriptions
  • No additional cost to your phone call.

General Information
Q: Do i need any special equipment or service?
A: No special equipment or special wiring is required.
All you need is your home phone.
Q: Will i be charged extra service fees when using Beamer?
A: No. There are no monthly fees, service plans or subscriptions.
Q: Is there any extra cost to the phone call?
A: There is no additional cost.
Q: During a Beamer call, what if i want some privacy?
A: Beamer has a snapshot feature, which sends a high-resolution image that is displayed on the other party's Beamer. This feature also provides privacy.

Easy to use & setup

Three Viewing Options:
- Self View
- View of other party
- Combo View (picture-in-picture)

Stylish design

8.3 in (H) x 1.9 in (D) x 6.0 in (W)
BEAMER adds video to your phone calls.
For all the family & friends who you don't see as often as you would like to, now you can see what you've been missing

BM-80 features:
- Three viewing options
- Detail / Movement control
- Caller ID*
- Snapshot / Privacy-send a single high resolution still image for privacy

*Caller ID service required from provider

System Specifications
Beamer is designed to provide video capability using