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SHEEN: Sapphire Crystal Series (JAN)
- SHE-4534PGL-1A, SHE-4534PGL-2A, SHE-4534PGL-7A
SHEEN: Crystals Series (JAN)
- SHE-4059M-4A, SHE-4059PGM-2A, SHE-4059PGM-7A
Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525F-6 Series (2019-DEC)
- BGD-525F-6
G Presents Lover's Collection Series (2019-NOV)
- LOV-19A-7A (AW-590LG-7A & BGA-150LG-7B)
G Presents Lover's Collection Series (2019-NOV)
- LOV-19B-1 (DW-5600LG-1 & BGD-560LG-1)
G-Shock: Purple-Pink Throwback 1990s Series (2019-NOV)
- DW-5600THB-7, DW-5700THB-7, GA-2100THB-7A
G-Shock: Christmas color - Winter Premium Models Series (2019-NOV)
- DW-5600THC-1, DW-5700TH-1, DW-5900TH-1, GA-2100TH-1A
Baby-G: Colorful geometric patterns - BA-110TH Series (2019-NOV)
- BA-110TH-1A, BA-110TH-7A
Baby-G: Brilliantly color Series (2019-NOV)
- BA-130-1A2, BA-130-1A3, BA-130-1A4
G-Shock: Black and Red Series (2019-OCT)
- GW-B5600AR-1, AWR-M100SAR-1A, GAS-100AR-1A, GA-700AR-1A, GA-140AR-1A
EDIFICE: Honda Racing Limited Edition Series (2019-OCT)
- EQB-1000HRS-1A, EQB-1000HR-1A
Baby-G: G-MS Series (2019-OCT)
- MSG-S200G-4A, MSG-S200G-5A
G-Shock: G-SQUAD Series (2019-SEP)
- GMA-B800-1A, GMA-B800-7A, GMA-B800-8A, GMA-B800-9A
- EQB-1000D-1A
G-Shock: GA Series - GA-140 Series (2019-JUL)
- GA-140-1A1, GA-140-1A4, GA-140-2A, GA-140-4A, GA-140-6A
G-Shock: MUDMASTER - GG-B100 Series (2019-JUL)
- GG-B100-1A3, GG-B100-1A9, GG-B100-1A
Baby-G: Beach fashions Series (2019-JUN)
- BA-130-1A, BA-130-4A, BA-130-7A1, BA-130-7A2
Protrek: Climber Line Series (2019-JUN)
- PRW-50Y-1A, PRW-50Y-1B
Baby-G: G-MS Series (2019-MAY)
- MSG-C100G-1A, MSG-C100G-7A, MSG-C100-2A, MSG-C100-7A
Edifice: Solar Powered Chronograph Series (2019-MAY)
- EFS-S550DB-1AV, EFS-S550PB-1AV, EFS-S550BL-1AV
Protrek: Climber Line Series (2019-MAY)
- PRW-60-2A, PRW-60Y-1A
Standard Digital: Vintage Collection, SUPER SLIM CASE Series
- A700W-1A, A700WG-9A, A700WM-7A, A700WMG-9A (2019-MAY)
Baby-G: G-LIDE - BLX-570 Series (2019-APR)
- BLX-570-1, BLX-570-7, BLX-570-4, BLX-570-6
- ECB-900TR-2A Series (2019-APR)
G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTER - Carbon Core Guard structure Series (2019-MAR)
- GWR-B1000-1A1, GWR-B1000-1A
G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure Series (2019-MAR)
- GA-2000-1A2, GA-2000-1A9, GA-2000E-4, GA-2000-2A, GA-2000-3A, GA-2000-5A
G-SHOCK: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH - African fish eagle
WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - GR-B100WLP-7A (2019-FEB)
G-Shock: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH Series- Leopard
WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - GG-1000WLP-1A (2019-FEB)
Baby-G: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH - Lilac-breasted roller
WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - BA-255WLP-7A (2019-FEB)
Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525 Series (2019-JAN)
EDIFICE: Solar Powered, Chronograph, battery level indicator
- EQS-920DB-1AV, EQS-920DB-1BV, EQS-920BL-2AV (2018-DEC)
G-SHOCK, Connected App, Tough Solar, Multiband6, Smartphone link, Wave Ceptor, Bluetooth
- GW-B5600-2, GW-B5600BC-1B, GW-B5600BC-1 (2018-OCT)
BABY-G: G-SQUAD, Sports, Bluetooth, Smartphone link, BABY-G Connected App, Step Count, Super Illuminator
- BSA-B100-1A, BSA-B100-2A, BSA-B100-7A, BSA-B100-4A1, BSA-B100-4A2 (2018-SEP)
EDIFICE: BASEL, Smartphone link, tough solar, bluetooth, chronograph, 200lap, motor sports
- ECB-800DB-1A, ECB-800D-1A, ECB-800DC-1A (2018-SEP)
G-SHOCK: GRAVITYMASTER, Master of G, Tough Solar, Bluetooth, Super Illuminator, cockpit, aircraft
- GR-B100-1A2, GR-B100-1A3, GR-B100-1A4 (2018-JUL)
SHEEN: Crystal, Pink gold ion-plated, Mother of pearl dial, 50-meter water resistance
- SHE-3061PG-7B, SHE-3061SPG-7B, SHE-3046SGP-7B, SHE-3056SPG-7A (2018-JUN)
EDIFICE: Solar power, Carbon fiber dial, battery indicator
- EQS-900DB-1AV, EQS-900DB-2AV, EQS-900CL-1AV (2018-JUN)
BABY-G; G-MS, Tough Solar, Super Illuminator, metallic look, pink gold
- MSG-S200G-7A, MSG-S200G-1A, MSG-S200-4A, MSG-S200-7A (2018-JUN)
EDIFICE: Scuderia Toro Rosso, Limited Edition, smartphone link, dual dial world time, bluettoh, tough solar
- EQB-900TR-2A (2018-APR)
BABY-G: Beach Traveler, summertime, Neon Illuminator
- BGA-250-7A2, BGA-250-4A, BGA-250-7A1, BGA-250-2A, BGA-250-1A (2018-APR)
G-SHOCK: 35th Anniversary G-SHOCK RED-OUT Collection
- DW-5635C-4, DW-5735C-4, DW-6935C-4, GA-735C-4A (2018-APR)
G-SHOCK: G-SQUAD, Bluetooth, smartphone, Step tracker, hand shift, super illuminator
- GBA-800-1A, GBA-800-7A, GBA-800-9A, GBA-800-2A, GBA-800-3A, GBA-800-8A (2018-MAR)
BABY-G: G-MS, Woman, brilliant design, dual dial world time, world-traveling, metallic gear-like look
- MSG-400G-1A1, MSG-400G-1A2, MSG-400G-7A (2018-FEB)
EDIFICE: Solar power, Carbon fibre dial, stopwatch, 100-meter water resistance
- EQS-800CDB-1AV, EQS-800CDB-1BV, EQS-800CPB-1AV (2017-DEC)
G-SHOCK: 35th Anniversary - Gold Tornado, GPS, Carbon bezel, Wace Ceptor, Bluetooth, ISO200
- GPW-2000TFB-1A, GWF-D1035B-1, GST-B100TFB-1A (2017-DEC)
G-SHOCK & BABY-G: G PRESENTS LOVER'S COLLECTION 2017, Devil&Angel, Moon x Star motif
- GA-110LE-7AW, BA-110LE-7AW, LOV-17A-7A (2017-NOV)
BABY-G: STEP TRACKER, step count, step reminder, 30 lap data, double LED light
- BGS-100GS-1A, BGS-100S-7A (2017-OCT)
SHEEN: Crystals, Pink gold ion plated, Replaceable Band, 50-meter water resistance
- SHE-3058SPG-4A, SHE-3058D-7A, SHE-3058SG-7A, SHE-3058PGL-5A, SHE-3058LTD-7A (2017-OCT)
G-SHOCK: 35th Anniversary Collaboration Series, Eric Haze, 35-year, revolution, band rink - GA-700EH-1A (2017-OCT)
G-SHOCK: 35th Anniversary, BIG BANG BLACK, Limited Edition, Master Of G, MUDMASTER, Eric Haze, SINCE 1983
- GG-1035A-1A, GA-135A-1A, GA-735A-1A, GA-835A-1A (2017-SEP)
G-SHOCK: G-STEEL, CHRONO , Bluetooth, Tough Solar, smartphone link, G-SHOCK Connect App, chronograph
- GST-B100D-1A, GST-B100-1A (2017-SEP)
Edifice: Race Lap Chronograph, SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO, Limited Edition, smartphone link, dual dial world time, bluetooth, carbon fiber, sapphire crystal, tough solar - EQB-800TR-1A (2017-SEP)
G-SHOCK: Gravitymaster, GPS, Wave Ceptor, bluetooth, tough solar, multiband6, Triple G resist, dual disk display
-GPW-2000-1A, GPW-2000-1A2, GPW-2000-3A (2017-SEP)