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Casio Releases First 40th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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 G-Shock: EVERLAST collaboration model - GBA-800EL-4A Series (JUN 2019)
 G-Shock: KANOA IGARASHI Signature Model-GLX-5600KI-7 Series (JUN 2019)
 G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GA-2000S Series (JUN 2019)
 G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-B200 Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: Hot Rock Sounds - DW-5900RS,GA-100RS Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: RED & BLACK series - GAS-100RB, GA-110RB Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE - GLX-6900SS Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: Metallic Mirror Face Series - DW-5600BBM,DW-5700BB Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: RED & BLACK series - GW-M5610RB, AWG-M100SRB Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE - GWX-5700SS, GWX-5700SSN Series (MAY 2019)
 G-Shock: RANGEMAN Extreme Survival Fitness - GPR-B1000 Series (APR 2019)
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 G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GA-2000 Series (MAR 2019)
 G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GWR-B1000 Series (MAR 2019)
 G-Shock: Clear Skeleton Series (MAR 2019)
 G-Shock: 90's color Series (MAR 2019)
 G-Shock: Metallic Accent Color Rose Gold Series (FEB 2019)
 G-Shock: HERITAGE - GW-B5600HR-1 Series (FEB 2019)
 G-Shock: S Series - GMA-S120MF, GMA-S130PA Series (FEB 2019)
 G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-S330L, GST-S300GL Series (FEB 2019)
 G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBD-800UC, GBA-800UC Series (FEB 2019)
 G-Shock: DW-5900-1 Series (NOV 2018)
 G-Shock: All-black matte model Series (NOV 2018)
 G-Shock: BRIGHT ORANGE COLOR Series (NOV 2018)
 G-Shock: Bi-color bands - Navy blue and Sax blue Series (NOV 2018)
 G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBA-800DG Series (NOV 2018)
 G-Shock: GW-B5600 Connected Engine Series (OCT 2018)
 G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBD-800 Series (OCT 2018)
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