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Casio Releases First 30th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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Historical of Casio
Year 2020 New Watch Series:
 Digital-Analog: ANALOG-DIGITAL COMBINATION - AMW-870D Series (OCT) Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E330D, MTP-E330L Series (OCT)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E180D, MTP-E180L Series (OCT) Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E172D, MTP-E172 Series (OCT)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S Sporty design - MTP-E173D, MTP-E173BL Series (OCT) Standard Analog: MEN'S Minimal design - MTP-E175D, MTP-E175L Series (OCT)
 Standard Analog: LADIES'S Minimal design - LTP-E175D, LTP-E175L Series (OCT) Standard Digital: MEN'S 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - MWD-100HD Series (SEP)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E321B, MTP-E321M Series (SEP) Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E320D, MTP-E320M Series (SEP)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E171M, MTP-E171L Series (SEP) Standard Analog: MEN'S METAL COVERED STANDARD ANALOG Series (AUG)
 Standard Digital: MEN'S 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - W-737H Series (AUG) Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E170D, MTP-E170L Series (AUG)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - MTS-110D Series (AUG) Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E412D, LTP-E412MGB, LTP-E412 Series (AUG)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E413PG, LTP-E413MB, LTP-E413 Series (AUG) Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E414D,LTP-E414MPG,LTP-E414RL Series (AUG)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E415PG,LTP-E415MR,LTP-E415RL Series (AUG) Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-VT01D,MTP-VT01G,MTP-VT01GL,MTP-VT01L Series (AUG)
 Standard Analog: LADIES'S - MTP-VT01D,MTP-VT01G,MTP-VT01GL,MTP-VT01 Series (AUG) Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E411MR, LTP-E411MSR, LTP-E411RL Series (JUL)
 Sheen: SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL - SHE-4538 Series (JUL) Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-4535YPG, SHE-4535YGL Series (JUN)
 Sheen: Mother of pearl dial - SHE-4060 Series (JUN) Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-3069PG Series (JUN)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E157MG, LTP-E157MGB, LTP-E157MRB Series (APR) Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E167D, LTP-E167L Series (APR)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E168D, LTP-E168G, LTP-E168RB Series (APR) Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E169D, LTP-E169G, LTP-E169RB Series (APR)
 Standard Digital: Glitter face design Series (MAR) Standard Digital: Transparent band design Series (MAR)
 Standard Digital: Calculator Series (MAR) Standard Digital: FISHING GEAR - WS-1200H Series (FEB)
 Standard Digital: FISHING GEAR - WSC-1250H Series (FEB) Edifice: Solar Powered Chronograph - EQS-920PB Series (JAN)
 Sheen: Rose gold ion plated case - SHE-4534PGL Series (JAN) Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-4059PGM Series (JAN)
 Standard Analog: Men's Standard Analog - MTP-VT01G Series (JAN) Standard Analog: Ladies' Standard Analog - LTP-VT01G Series (JAN)
 G-Shock: Transparent styles - pink-gold Series (JAN)
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